Mother’s Day Gifts for Fit Mamas


Not sure what to get your fitness junkie mum this Mother’s Day? Or maybe YOU are the fit mama and are hoping your loved ones will think beyond flowers for you this year. Here are some suggestions:

Gym Membership – Is there is a gym or fitness facility she’s been mentioning? Surprise her with a membership or a trial package.

Personal Trainer- Even as a personal trainer myself, I would love to have my own trainer kick my butt.

Fitness Gear – There are many types to choose from so do some questioning. What does she always wish for? A treadmill; a bench complete with Olympic bar and plates; smaller gear like bands and hand weights? I love the TRX and most people who try it do too. Small and portable, this piece of equipment can be set up in a doorway, on a play set, in your garage or from a for fitness enthusiasts

Fitness Garb – Everyone feels unstoppable in brand new workout clothes. My current favorites are Carbon 38 and Nuvango for their edginess.

New type class – If your fit mama is open to new challenges and experiences, sign her up for a different kind of class that she has never tried before. Here are some I think are pretty cool: Poundfit, or Aerial Yoga. shutterstock_168218999

Jewelryyou can never go wrong with bling but you can personalize it even more by making it fitness and inspirational themed.

Spa day – Even the hard-core fit mums love to be pampered.SPaDeal

Sports massage package – Different from your typical put-you-to-sleep massages – sports or deep tissue massages mean business, they can be intense but will help with injury prevention or even rehab.

Join Her – Nothing makes a fit mama happier than having her family be just as enthusiastic about fitness as she is.14 mothers day outings yoga


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Author: tammyjuco

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