What’s Your Mantra?

meditationby Natalie Golub

I decided this would be the year, I would try to be more mindful.  I mean, breathe, think more clearly, and realize that my words and actions can directly effect myself and how I make others feel.  Who doesn’t find themselves stressed out during the day, wondering how you can take a breath and maybe not get so caught up, or bogged down, by the carpools, homework, job, life, schedules and everything else we juggle each day?  When I’m on vacation, I say to myself, “When I get home, I’m not going to let it all get to me.”  Then, as soon as I walk in the door, it all goes out the window.

I decided I would try mediation but had no idea where to start. I thought, hey, there’s got to be an app for that. After some searching, I downloaded Head Space.  Head Space is easy to use and gives you a simple guide for meditation for beginners. I figured, why not? A comforting voice told me step-by-step what to do. And the best yet?  It is only 10 minutes a day and it’s free. I saw the benefits immediately. Now, look forward to it.

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Natalie GolubWestfield Tipster Natalie Golub is a mom of two, and has lived in Westfield for 14 years.  She is actively involved in the schools and community.  She is always looking out for the latest local, events, restaurants, and tips around town.

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