List’m: The App to Simplify Your Life

Have you ever had an idea for an app or a website or a product? Most people have, even if it is just a general inkling that there should be a better way to do something. You find yourself in need of a gadget or a gizmo, and you think, “Someone must’ve already done this.” […]

35+ of Our Favorite Mouth-Watering Appetizers

Looking for an appetizer to make for company, or one to bring to a friend’s house?  Here are 35 that will make everyone’s mouth water! Also Check out Our Favorite Cocktails 1. LOADED SMASHED POTATOES 2. GOAT-CHEESE STUFFED MUSHROOMS 3. EASY-TO-EAT AVOCADO BOWLS 4. SUPER LOADED NACHOS 5. SMOKY OLIVE PEPPERS 6. INDIAN EGGPLANT DIP WITH PITA 7. HOAGIE DIP WITH FAOCACCIA 8. AVOCADO TOASTS […]

Teens Reveal Which App is Most Stressful

Also Read: When Snapchat is Your Teen’s Main Mode of Communication The other day, Lorelei (age 14) casually mentioned something about social media and said, “I posted there because it is less stressful.” I know social media adds stress to their lives, but I hadn’t given much thought about which platform is more anxiety producing and […]

I Finally Found a Way to RELAX!

  Remember the good old days, when you were say, six years old and the absolute best present you could receive was a brand, spankin’ new coloring book and a fresh box of finely sharpened crayons? I remember years ago when the kids were little and they would ask me to “color” with them. I […]

Our Favorite Interior Design Apps

Need a little decorating inspiration? Whether you need small space or curb appeal help, these apps are indispensible.

Useful Apps for NYC

These apps are great for tourists and non-tourists in NYC. Book a table, find parking, explore Central Park and check out the city's happenings.

Finding the Right Books for Your Child

Here’s a great app to help you find books that are the appropriate reading level for your kids: Book Wizard. And it’s free! Scan the bar code on the back of a book and instantly find out what reading level the book is on. The app will show the grade level as well as the A-Z reading level. […]

Take These Apps Shopping

Don't head into your favorite store empty-handed. Take some of these handy smartphone apps with you. They'll make sure you get the best deal and find the best coupons.

Master Math Facts With These Apps

To master basic math facts is a skill every child needs at some point in their schooling. Next time they are bored, give them one of these teacher recommended math apps.

Cool Game Apps for Kids

Video game apps can teach kids strategy and how to think creatively to achieve a goal. Most are designed to allow players to succeed and be rewarded for that success.


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