Suit and Tie…

I don’t know if you’ve gotten a good look at Justin Timberlake lately, but he’s definitely been one of the best dressed men while he has been promoting his hit single ‘Suit & Tie’. Decked out head to toe in Tom Ford, from shoes to suits, glasses to cufflinks, tie tacks to pocket squares, his music video feels more like an extended luxury fashion ad. It has a moody, ultra-cool Sinatra-esque vibe with JT getting painstakingly groomed and dressed, driving in his car and smoking while sitting at his piano.   His sleek, tailored suit is a perfect look for any groom, with the perfect balance of both classic yet modern style.  The most important part to making sure your groom doesn’t look like a peguin in his suit/tux. You need to have your groom work closely with a designer/personal shopper/ tailor so they can provide made-to-measure tailoring, including evening wear, shirting, ties, shoes and accessories. Any large department stores can help you through this process, as well as, smaller men’s boutiques in your town.

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Author: karinstephan

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