Pooches Need a Nanny Too!

Thea FurzolaBy Thea Furzola

Finding caretakers for your child is always a stressful task. Believe it or not, it is stressful for pet parents too! I have met the BEST Dog Nanny around. She started when my dog was a pup and spent quality time playing with her, teaching her tricks and giving her an abundance of love. Marie is like everyone’s favorite aunt: kind, generous and resonates a super positive aura.

If you are looking for someone to pet sit, or walk your dog, she is the one to go to.
Feel free to give her a call -212-472-2337. Don’t let the 212 area code fool you; she is definitely LOCAL.


Thea Ferzola is the newest addition to our TipsFromTown family. She is the mom to three seemingly well-adjusted young men. She lives in Rockville Centre with her biggest supporter–the Ricky to her Lucy– and prides herself on being the “go to” person for local food recommendations, events going on and networking. She gets almost as much pleasure in helping people as she does teaching middle school English and Photography. As her dad told her many moons ago, “when you go to work, it should be like going to play” – and THAT is exactly how she lives her life. 

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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