Non – Weight Loss Nutrition Apps

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These 3 nutrition apps are for anyone looking to “watch” what they are eating or concerned about the quality of foods they purchase. These apps are not about weight loss, counting calories or restrictive dieting and that is why I feel good about promoting them universally. Whether you love you local food or eating out, these will help you make healthier choices.

FOODUCATE allows you to scan food labels at the supermarket to see how they are graded (by dietitians and scientists). It will show hidden ingredients like sugar and salt and preservatives. It also gives you instant recommendations for better/healthier options. I’ve mentioned this app before and it’s here again because many people have trouble reading food labels – or just don’t want to or have the time. This does the reading and interpreting for you.

The Restaurant Nutrition app is for all you restaurant frequenters. If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, trying to put some food into the kids between after school activities, or do much of your business and meetings around food joints, this app will come in very handy. You can Map your favorite restaurant locations, view nutritional info of all menus, and food journal your meals. You can even have multiple people use the app so your office or tennis group alike can keep track of all your food intakes and maybe be supportive of each other to make healthier restaurant choices.

Eat Local is a must-have app if you love farmer’s markets and eating locally. Not only will you be able to locate a Farmer’s Market near you (United States only), but it will provide you with lists of in-season foods are in season AND recipes for using them.


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