Need to Get Their Heads Checked?

Can We Get Rid of Lice…Quickly?!
According to lice expert, Lena Gorelik of Lice Free Noggins“Unfortunately, no. There are no shortcuts to treating head lice. Buy a professional grade nit comb and comb hair meticulously. And a conscientious follow-up is a must.You have to comb meticulously using a professional stainless steel nit comb and a non-toxic, pesticide-free product. If you choose to go the chemical route, read the instructions carefully, as they may pose a health risk in some individuals, especially children with asthma. Many of these products involve multiple treatments and still require thorough combings.

“If you don’t comb out properly,” Lena pointed out, “the remaining nits start to hatch shortly after and the infestation continues.” Which can leave parents frustrated and confused.

Feeling totally overwhelmed? If so, call a lice professional like Lice-Free Noggins. They will come to your home so you can kick back with a glass of wine (you probably need it) and turn on a movie for the kids while someone else does that hard work!

Professional lice removal is probably not as expensive as you think.
Prices for a head check start at only $35 and treatments start at $150.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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