My Favorite Beach Toys

I outgrew pails and shovels a long time ago. Here are my five favorite grown up beach toys. When my kids want to bring something to the beach, my rule is always this … if you bring it, you have to share it with any kid who wants a try. This rule does not apply to MY favorite toys … sometimes, I don’t even let my husband take a turn.

1. Crate and Barrel’s Table in a Bag — Around 4 pm, I like to redecorate my space on the sand. I have two of these portable tables, and when they go up, it is officially happy hour. We can order pizzas to the beach, keep a game of backgammon sand-free or serve some cheese and crackers to our friends. They are a snap to put together and are fairly light to tote to the shore.


2. Vino To-Go — These are a recent addition to my beach faves. Amy posted them as a find not too long ago. They are the perfect combo between sippy cup and wine glass — genius. Keep the sand out, don’t spill a drop and still feel like a grown up!


3. Portable Wine Glass Holder — Are you starting to sense a theme? If you are feeling more elegant and want a real wine glass, free up your hand with these simple holders. Just stick in the sand and keep your wine or champagne safe and sound. You can purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond.


beach bocce ball4. Beach Bocce Set — You can have hours of fun in the sun, with or without kids with a beach bocce set. I’ve tried to use the real thing on the sand, and it doesn’t work. These are the perfect weight for use on the beach. It makes a great gift if you are visiting a friend with a summer house and best yet, you don’t have to put down your wine glass to play — had to connect my vino somehow. The official Beach Bocce Ball Set goes for $115 on their site. You can get it a little cheaper if you shop around.


5. Igloo Cool Fusion — It will keep things cold, has two cup holders AND will play your favorite music. Throw in some cold ones and hook up a summer playlist for an instant party, or cue up some background music for a chill summer stint.

Who said beach toys were just for kids??

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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