How To Take A Great Family Photograph

Start thinking about your holiday photo. Professional photos are nice, or opt for a DIY photo shoot in your backyard. We’ve got some great tips to make it easy and fun for everyone. Photographs from

Pick a Backdrop

Where you take your photo is important because the backdrop will play a key role. The best backdrops are textured but not too busy. Stonewalls, doors, bridges and trees are great choices because they add texture but don’t distract. Look for colors that contrast nicely with the outfits you select. Shooting at home, or their favorite park, or somewhere that actually means something to the family, will allow everyone to let loose and be more natural.

Get your Family in Action

Skip the stiff poses. A picture of the kids playing in the snow or sand looks great in a holiday card. Let everyone have a chance with the camera. You’ll be surprised what a six-year-old can do.

Pack some Bribes

When you book a photo session with a professional, you have a certain period of time to get the shot. When you’re taking it yourself, you need to be prepared. That’s why we recommend you bring refreshments, treats, and small bribes. Pack some small snacks (that don’t stain). Discuss a bribe for good behavior, small toys or candy always works.

Interesting Angles

Switching up your angles creates a more interesting photograph. Especially when 80% of the photographs people take are shot head-on. Instead, shoot differently. Shots taken from above the subject are great with kids and pregnant mommies. Getting on the ground is great for photographing newborns or pets. This way, you’re on their level and the subject is more at ease.

Connect Everyone Together

Have mom lean on dad’s shoulder and daughter take mom’s hand. Let the little guy hug dad’s leg or sit on his lap. Make sure everyone looks included and connected. Heads should tilt slightly toward one another.

Golden Hour

The best time to capture a photo is Golden Hour, which is usually an hour before sunset. It’s the time of day when the light is so soft, that everything looks great. Make sure your subject is between you and the light source. This creates the right amount of back lighting that makes your subject look like they are bathed in light.

Crop It

Don’t be afraid to tighten the frame. Remove background objects or use the computer crop tool to get a close-up shot of smiling faces. In addition, try cropping off-center for a more artistic look.

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