How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I asked around and many of us think Valentine’s day is a bit overrated. It is great to decorate and celebrate with the kids but when it comes to the adults it can get pricey. Restaurants and flowers are always more expensive on Valentine’s day. Some of my friends like to receive jewelry. It doesn’t have to be expensive but a unique piece they will like. I personally would want a great pair of flannel pajamas. This winter has been too cold and I just want to be cozy. If you want to have fun with your kids put some red food coloring in your pancake or waffle mix tomorrow morning. You can also add pink, white and red m&m’s. Another thing I do is make their initials or a heart-shaped pancakes. Take a look at Karen’s picture of her table. She¬†decorates her dining room and gives little treats. A great idea for your kids at college instead of sending candy is¬†venmo them some Valentine money. Trust me they will love you!!! My recommendation is to celebrate at home with your friends or family and save your money. You can always do date night another day of the week.

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Author: amynidds

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