Clutter Free Workout

exercise, cardio, total body, body weight training, resistance, plyometrics, core, abdominals, back, legs, chest, all fitness levels, no equipment, tips from townWhat’s a clutter free workout you ask? A full body cardio and resistant workout requiring NO equipment – hence the “no clutter”. If you don’t have any equipment, you don’t have to worry about taking up space in your potentially limited exercise zone. No set up and better yet – no clean up. Choose the option that best fits your fitness level but try and challenge yourself too.

Do a 3-5 minute warm-up of marching or jogging on the spot, jumping jacks or stairs.

WORKOUT:  Level 1: 30” work/10” *rest, 1 round

                       Level 2:  40” work/10” *rest, 2 rounds

                       Level 3: 50” work/ 10” *rest, 3 rounds

  1. Pushups (knees, toes, or alternating one-legged)
  2. Double Crunch Abs (hips & shoulders come off floor at same time)  – bent or straight legs
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Squats– Hands overhead
  5. Burpees
  6. Alternating Rear Lunges
  7. Bicycle Abs
  8. Frog Jumps (forward and back) drop bum close to floor
  9. Straight Arm Plank with alternating Arm lifts
  10. Squat to alternating front kick
  11. Split Jumps
  12. Triceps Dips (on floor or off sturdy chair or table)
  13. V-sit Abs (hold or twist)
  14. 4 shuffles right (touch the floor), 4 shuffles left touch floor – REPEAT

* For an added challenge, decrease or take out the 10-second rest between exercises completely.

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