Can Your Marriage Survive a Home Renovation?

Remodeling is a major cause of relationship stress.  The dirt, delays and expenses of actual construction push many homeowners to the edge. The remodel also changes the couple’s physical space and routine. Here are 7 tips to survive your renovation.

  1. Renovating a house costs an enormous amount of money. If you were starting a business that takes 50k, 100k, or 200k, you would have a written business proposal and an exit strategy before signing any contracts. Many businesses fail but the ones that survive and do well are the ones with careful planning and have had an extra dose of luck to go with it. House renovation is the same. The more planning you do, the better it comes out.
  2. Be sure you and your spouse are on the same page. Don’t even start the remodel if you’re not. If you can’t decide on things up front when it’s calm, you certainly won’t be able to when the clock’s ticking, the workers are standing around, and the pressure’s really on.
  3. Know your budget. A fight over the remodeling budget is the biggest argument you can have, and there’s no way for the contractor to fix it.
  4. Make three lists: Must Have, Would Like If Possible, and Optional. Keep as much of List 1 as you can, because that’s why you’re remodeling. Keep 10 to 25 percent of List 2, depending on budget. Toss all of List 3.
  5. Select a part of the house to be construction-free. Your family can be comfortable in that space while other parts are in chaos.
  6. Keep an eye on the well-being of your family and be ready to adjust your project expectations to care for their needs. Family is more important than a house.
  7. Get out of the house. A night out together can help you reconnect. Consider taking a vacation or at least moving to a hotel or a friend’s/family member’s home while construction is ongoing.

First published 2013.

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Author: erinpruitt

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