Travel Apps for Vacations and Business Travel

Travel apps can help make your trips easier and more relaxing.


Waze is a free GPS app that determines accurate traffic patterns and can notify you of obstacles such as accidents, slow downs and police. With all of this real-time data, Waze is able to navigate people where they want to go more effectively. Amy, our FINDS editor, recently took a road trip up and down the Northeast. Amy said the waze app saved her from getting speeding tickets throughout the trip. It was also dead on with the traffic jams.

Gas Buddy

This app alerts you to the price differences of stations in the same vicinity. This application will save you both time and money annually. It is great for use around town as well as traveling.

Flight Track Pro

This app provides real-time flight itinerary updates at a glance. FlightTrack Pro’s combination of usability and features is unmatched in the App Store. You can enter your flight info directly into FlightTrack Pro, or just forward your flight confirmation emails to and all your flight information automatically appears on your iPhone in FlightTrack. TripIt saves a ton of time you’d otherwise spend manually entering flight information into your iPhone. TripIt also gives you all the tracking features you’d expect, including up to date data on flight cancellations, delays and gate changes.

Airport Zoom

Quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route. Scan essential information like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates and weather. Track flights on zoomable maps. Check the flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activities about your flight.


Manage all your itineraries in one place with TripIt. Add upcoming trips to your account, including flight information, car rentals, hotels, activities, and store everything from confirmation numbers to locations to dinner reservations. It’s the organized traveler’s favorite tool, especially since it exports information to your calendar.

Packing Pro

If you’re the type of person who always forgets something at home, this is the perfect solution. Create lists of what to pack from scratch or from a set template (family, business, camping, beach) and have a preset collection of reminders.

Sit Or Squat

This app means never having to worry about finding a nearby restroom again. With almost 95,000 bathrooms listed worldwide, listings often include miscellaneous data like whether bathrooms have hand dryers, stalls or single rooms, as well as handicap access.

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