What to Know about Heart Health on Snowy Days

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We’ve been getting an onslaught of snow this winter. Shoveling snow can be great outdoor exercise with some precautions. However, a very common shoveling ailment is lower back injury. But did you know there is a high propensity for heart attacks after a snowfall due to shoveling?

Of course, this is usually in people who are at greater risks for heart attacks. Here is a little more info on the relationship between the two and how to take care of your heart.

Those at greatest risk for suffering a heart attack while shoveling are the following:
• Previous heart attack
• High Blood pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Smoker
• Inactive/sedentary lifestyle

Preventative measures for heart healthy snow shoveling include:
• Check with your doctor first

• Use a smaller shovel and take smaller shovelfuls
• Don’t start hard and fast when you walk out into the cold – start slow and allow your body to warm up before moving faster and taking bigger shovelfuls
• Remember to breathe! Especially when lifting – holding your breath and lifting heavy can lead to an instantaneous spike in Blood Pressure – putting much strain on your heart
• Take frequent breaks
• Slow and steady wins the race and you can always hire neighborhood kids eager to earn some extra bucks and do the job for you.

For more tips on safe shoveling click here.

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