The Wet Brush… a must have for tangles

Don’t be fooled by the ’80s look to this brush– this brush works miracles!  The Wet Brush features super soft flexible bristles to detangle hair with ease.  Works great on wet, dry, thick, curly, or straight hair, as well as extensions and wigs.  Perfect for men, women, and kids, I recommend getting one for everyone in your family!  If it were up to my daughter, her hair would be as long as Rapunzel’s– seriously, I don’t think she is ever going to let me cut it. We have had our share of unpleasant moments trying to brush her hair. Now, with her pink wet brush, she  brushes her hair every morning and night with out a fight. This could the best $15 bucks I ever spent!  Available at many stores and online— grab a few, keep one in the shower and your car.

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Author: karinstephan

Fashion Editor -- Karin has a passion for helping you look and feel better!


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