Moms, This is the App You Need to Download…Now.

I have lists scattered everywhere. Post-its on the kitchen counter. Scraps next to my bed. I save photos, links and screenshot suggestions in my phone. I even tried starting a notebook of lists…but I don’t know where I left. I am constantly saying to myself…”Did I put that in my notes or screenshots? Did anyone see the […]

Tips on Choosing a Perfect Paint Color

If you’re someone who feels completely overwhelmed when choosing a paint color—most of us do—check out Clare Paint. Clare is the creation of interior designer Nicole Gibbons. Her  55 color collection are her tired and true go-to colors. Instead of having 100 different whites that to the untrained eye might look the same, she has […]

The Sure-Fire Way to Get Rid of Hiccups

What to do when holding your breath doesn't work.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast without the Guilt

Yes, you can celebrate the holidays without completely denying yourself.

A Secret for Baggy, Tired Eyes

Get rid of those bags and wrinkles under your eyes. Temporarily of course.

Christmas 2015: A Letter to Myself

I just put away all my Christmas decorations. I’ll be sweeping up pine needles for months and the last thing I want to think about is next Christmas. But … I’m going to force myself to spend fifteen minutes planning for next year. This past December, the holiday felt like a full time job, for […]

My Favorite Oil For The Winter And More

This is a wonderful find at an unbeatable price.

Is it Time to Break Up with Your Food?

Do you have a more intimate relationship with your food than the people closest to you? Do you spend your time daydreaming about your next meal/ snack/ treat? When thoughts of consuming food consume YOU, you may want to analyze your relationship with food. It just may be time to apply one of those bad […]

Outdated Milk? Make Rice Pudding

What can you do with outdated milk? Make something sweet from something gone sour! Jeanine Doody of Two River Dairy suggests making rice pudding. “This is a family favorite of mine,” Jeanine told us, “Aunt Angie’s Rice Pudding. It’s a pretty big batch so it’s perfect to share with your friends or neighbors!” Ingredients 1/2 gallon of milk 1 cup […]

Summer Vacation Packing with Style

Hate to pack for vacation? Here are some tips to make it easier.