6 Ways to Dial Up the Romance… Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Fan those bedroom embers with these tips.

Hey Dads, Here’s a Tip for Better Sex.

I volunteered to be class parent–which everyone calls “class mom” even though it is a gender non-specific position. The coordinators kindly sent me a list of the kids in my daughter’s class with emails in an excel spreadsheet, which is hugely helpful. The school has access to father’s emails as well as moms, but only mothers are […]

How Much Sex Is Everyone Really Having?

Where do you and your spouse rank?

Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man

Having been blessed to share the exact birthday with two of my dearest friends, the weekend was a never-ending celebration. There were four of us and we laughed our asses off for 36 hours straight. Thanks to Mary for finding the BEST off Broadway Show EVER for us to see. Sex Tips For Straight Women […]

The Sex Talk

When is the right time?

Are We Stealing Sexy from our Daughters?

Is our own generation's quest for the fountain of youth impeding our daughters' right to find their own style?

Exercises to Improve your Sex Life – Fifty Fold!

Inspired by the enormously popular book, 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, I could not resist writing an article on sexual health focusing on types of exercises that can improve your sex life.

How to Keep Love Working For Your Health

When the fireworks are gone, you can still get the healthy high.

Should Your Son Get the HPV Vaccine?

I will never forgive Michael Douglas for tarnishing my image of oral sex. But, he did contribute to awareness about HPV.

Move of the Week – Kegels

Kegels are not just for pre/post natal women and seniors with incontinence issues.  They are also highly effective in enhancing sexual pleasure in both men and women.


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