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Irish Blessings

The Irish have a long love affair with the spoken and written word. Think of all the wonderful writers who have hailed from this somewhat small island: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and W.B Yeats. I’ve heard and grown to love these Irish blessings at weddings, birthdays, farewells and funerals over the years. I can still hear […]

What I’m Binge-Watching This Week

I am crazy about the show “This is Us.” It’s just what I needed in my tv repertoire. I have suspense covered (The Man in the High Castle, The Americans); have trash (The Bachelor) but I’d grown weary of some of my other tv dramas.  Mandy Moore plays the mother of “triplets.” I say “triplets” because although Kate […]

2 Places to Call Home

The summer is coming to what always feels like an abrupt end.  But today hit me hard because it was not just the end of the summer; it was the end of a once in a lifetime chance. This summer, I chose to spend a month in a two family house with a best friend […]

What’s the Best Time of Year to Have a Baby

I've had a baby in each of the four seasons ... which is the best? Read on for the pros and the cons.


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