Cayenne Coconut Crusted Tenders

Kick-up your chicken tenders a notch with a healthy portion of Cayenne pepper encased in a coating of crunchy coconut.  The sweet yet spicy flavors of the apricot dipping sauce only intensifies this culinary experience.

Simplified Coconut Cake

Jazzing up a store bought boxed-cake speeds up the process of making this beauty.  Difficult not to sneak in late night for a second slice.

Chicken Curry

I had this version of chicken curry years ago at our recipe group and love it’s simplicity. Never fails and warms the soul on these cold nights.

Fresh Pineapple Colada

Fresh pineapple is what makes this pina colada the ultimate frozen cocktail.  Close your eyes, take a sip, and picture yourself lounging on a beautiful Puerto Rican beach.

Caribbean Ice Coffee

Hold the sugar and the cream.  A little sweetened cream of coconut heightens the entire coffee experience.  Feel a little daring?  Splash a bit of rum after it’s chilled.


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