cocktail hour

Sinfully Delicious Irish Coffee

The ultimate in nightcaps.  A dessert for grown-ups only!

What Does Your Cocktail Say About Your Personality?

Have a favorite cocktail? Check out our list below …to see what your cocktail reveals about you! Love Bellinis? What Does a Bellini Say About You?? What Does a Tequila Sunrise Reveal About You? You’re a… Love Mojitos? What Does a Mojito Tell Us About You? You’re always… Love Margaritas on Ice or Frozen? What Does a […]

Bourbon Slush

Superlicious slushy sipper of the summer. Can’t let a summer slip by without a batch of these. Make sure to allow a full 24 hours of proper freezing time until ready to serve. This one is a definite crowd pleaser and fantastically refreshing.

Pina-Naranja Margarita

Sunshine in a pitcher.   No matter what the forecast says… rain, snow, hail… sunny pineapple-orange margaritas brighten up anyones spirits!

Apple Cider Sangria

Sangria can be enjoyed throughout the various seasons. This version incorporates autumnal spices and and apple cider. Your house will smell delicious as you prepare it too.

Beach Themed Cocktail Hour

Throw a cocktail party with a beach theme. Party drinks, food, music and decor will create the perfect atmosphere for a seaside escape.

Vampire’s Kiss

Food and Wine Magazine published this great feature (October 2012) on a Halloween party thrown by actor Neil Patrick Harris. If you can find the black lava salt it completes this ghoulish cocktail.


Not just for the ladies my friends. The raspberries are what make this cocktail pretty, but the gin is what delivers it’s potency. Think pink!

A Fizzy and Infused Gin Cocktail

Thank you to the brilliant Brit James Pimm, for infusing gin with herbs and fruit back in the 1840’s.  Pimm’s No. 1 is what he called it, and when it’s jazzed up with some soda water (ginger beer here), fruit and herbs, the...

Autumnal Apple Smash

Don’t fight it folks, let’s cheer in the anticipated chill righteously with sparkling apple cider and soothing bourbon.


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