Is Your Favorite Beach Safe for Your Kids?

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Summer usually involves some form of water and for those lucky enough, it’s the beach, but how healthy are the beaches you visit? Storm water pollution was the biggest cause of water contamination for beach closings last year, but so is sewage overflow, and human and animal wastes – all of which result in a plethora of pathogens waiting to spoil your family outing. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has actually come up with a rating system for beaches. Based on points such as water quality, water testing (frequency, if any), bacterial levels, public communication (type, if any and frequency) and so on. Click here to see if any of these 13 out of 200 popular beaches in the US to receive 5 Stars are your faves. Perhaps it’s time to try a new beach for the safety of the kids or maybe you’ve been doing it right all along. If you plan to spend just the day, a week or every weekend during the summer, feel confidant that your kids will not be swimming in contaminated waters. The last thing any parent wants is sick kids, especially on vacation.



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