How To Throw a Bonfire Party

Bonfires have been used for centuries as a way to celebrate certain traditions (such as marriage) and provide the perfect ambiance for an outdoor party. They can turn a summer or autumn evening to a memorable rehearsal dinner or welcome party among friends and family. Ideal locations include a beach with a sandy pit, a fire pit in a backyard or field, or a local campground. Pick a location far from homes, wooded areas and any other objects that may catch fire.

 Red Stripes and Reggae – All you have to do is offer jerk chicken, rice and peas, Red Stripe beer, and reggae to make your party a Jamaican paradise. After dinner, settle into some colorful chairs and sip from colorful glasses of island rum while listening to a reggae band. Dance the limbo. Set up dominoes at game tables, they are extremely popular in Jamaica.


New England Clambake – the nautical feel of clam bake is so inviting, not a lot of decor needed. If your clambake will take place on a beach, use large beach blankets as your table cloths. If you are planning a clambake in your backyard, use red-and-white checkered or blue tablecloths on picnic tables. Create table centerpieces with sand pails filled with sand and shells. Place Tiki torches and citronella bucket candles around. A clambake does not necessarily imply lobster, it can be interpreted broadly with other menus.

Full Moon Party – If a Full Moon occurs, host a large party to celebrate. During dinner, enjoy a guitar player. Add other performers to the party throughout the evening: dancers, drummers, and fireworks. It is tradition to release lit Wish Lanterns made from tissue paper stretched over a bamboo frame into the air. In Buddhism, the act is said to bring good luck and to symbolize the cleansing of sins.

White Party – Guests and tables dressed in white, white sparklers, and white adirondack chairs. You can use white flowers like gardenias in water-filled shallow bowls as centerpieces. Food ideas include white chocolate-covered strawberries, light cheeses, risotto, chicken, pork, turkey, white corn, cauliflower, angel food cake, coconut cake and vanilla ice cream. Serve drinks like ginger ale, lemon-lime sodas, pina coladas, martinis, mojitos and White Russians.

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