Fitness Themed Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are really not my specialty in so many ways. I have always found they sneak up on me and I end up frantically trying to plan them the week before (if I’m really organized). One year we celebrated my daughter’s March Birthday in July. I also end up paying a small fortune to have these parties at a factory run birthday party place. They are rushing a party group in one door as another is being quickly and unceremoniously ushered out another. Admittedly, I do like this concept as I crave peace, tranquility and cleanliness. As a busy working mom, I get the shakes just thinking of having all those kids hopped up on sugar and adrenaline running wild through my home, my sanctuary. But is it really that bad? I think using fitness as a theme, a well thought out party doesn’t have to cost a portion of your salary, can be great fun, and would not require much equipment, planning or set up. Most of all, you can hold it in your home or a park and provide a controlled outlet for these kids to burn off the sugar and then send them home just in time for the big crash.

Hire a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor: Why Not?? In the past I have been asked by parents to do Zumba, Yoga, or some form of age – appropriate Boot Camp or Obstacle course for birthday parties. You will probably pay close to, or a bit higher than their regular hourly fee. They can provide all the equipment and gear if needed. They should be certified in first aid and CPR and should have the ability and knowledge to engage groups and include all fitness levels. Sit back with a cup of Joe (or wine) while the kids are put through their paces.

Hire Local Teens: Look to your babysitters, neighbors and their friends. For a small price you could have them create age and gender-specific activities for your kids’ Birthday party. Consider dance workshops, cheerleading drills, or sports specific themes like lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball etc. The important thing is that YOU will still have to oversee everything and will probably have to provide the equipment. Also, take into consideration guests. If it’s co-ed or if there are some kids that are not big into sports, have your teen party planners provide a variety of options.

Get Creative: You, yes you, can run this show very easily with a little prep and minimal equipment and cost. Here are some party activities that could be set up in your yard (depending on its size and number of kids) or at a park. Some of these can even be done indoors.

– Using masking tape, tables, chairs, hula-hoops and whatever else you can find, set up your own obstacle courses. It’s more fun to have teams competing against each other so you’ll want to set up at least two. Make the teams before hand so no child feels left out. Be sure not to stack the teams.

– Similarly, you can do an infinite variety of relay races that can range from hard-core sprints and fitness drills to downright silly (usually water and raw eggs go over well), or a combo of both.

– You can set up circuits appropriate for the age and abilities of the kids. You want the same number of stations as kids or if you have enough equipment, double up the kids per station. Stations can involve drills like jacks, crab walks, bear walks, leap frogs etc. It could be things like putting balls into a holder, kicking a soccer ball into a goal, dribbling a soccer ball or basketball through cones, Hula hooping etc. Set a timer for 30 seconds or 1 minute and have them rotate through all stations.

– Use balloons. These are so versatile the possibilities are numerous. Add water and the options are even greater.

Back to the Basics: If you’re at all like me and NOT organized, check out this website for classic outdoor (and some can be done indoors) games that we used to play when we were younger. Old becomes new as our kids learn to play things like Mother May I?, Dodge Ball (with a nerf ball of course), or T.V tag.

You can keep your sanity and your money with these fun, fitness- themed Birthday Party solutions.


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