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Sometimes I find it easier to motivate and encourage my clients than myself. Yes, I too can suffer from stagnation, fatigue and busy-ness.  I have a number of “tricks” to keep fitness fresh for myself that include new workout clothes, fresh workouts, the latest exercise equipment and lastly I love fitness gadgets (much to my tech loving hubby’s delight). So I’m sharing my latest love, the NIKE fuel band (my Mother’s Day “bling” this year).

Simple, sleek and unobtrusive, this gadget is barely noticeable on my wrist, as it records my daily activity. With a simple push of a button I can see how much (or little) I’ve progressed throughout the day in accumulating Nike fuel points, burned calories and steps taken. (And, oh yeah, it’s a watch too). With the software I can set daily and long-term goals and be able to look back on each day, week, and month to see how I’m progressing in charts and graphs. Having this little reminder keeps my fitness tangible with numerical measurements, that I can manipulate by being more active. It also holds me accountable and keeps me on task. If my day is half over, and I’m not half way to my set goals, I know I have to step it up a bit and take a walk, or just get up and move around the house more. I also enjoy the little Nike fuel celebration “guy” that pops up every time I plug in my bracelet – Nike has designed this to allow you to earn all kinds of goals so even if you’re having a “slow” week you’re bound to get something. Lastly, in honor of all the “gamers” out there, the software will show you how you compare to others of your gender and age and if you like, you can link to your friends and the general Nike community to share and compete — further external motivation. It syncs to any other Nike products you have, and there’s even an app for your Smartphone. There are some drawbacks such as not being waterproof (therefore no showering or swimming). And it doesn’t seem to register activities that don’t involve the arms much such as cycling, or activities that are challenging but perhaps not as rhythmic as walking and running (such as yoga or weightlifting) But for a small, discreet piece of technology, it definitely does the job (for me at least) in getting me off my butt and moving more, and in competing with myself to earn more points and awards.

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Author: tammyjuco

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