Easter Egg Decorating Party

Pull out your favorite pastel-colored linens and serving pieces for this fun spring party. Make this a brunch or lunchtime party. Serve fun springtime food items such as , strawberries, carrot juice, bunny bread, mini tea sandwiches, Easter Peep concoctions,  brownies baked in an eggshell, or carrot patch cookies.

Preparing for the Party

Set up three or more party stations to create colorful easter eggs. You’ll need to prepare the egg decorating work area by covering your tables with newspaper, craft paper, or colorful plastic covers. Be sure to have a large roll of paper towels handy for decorators to dry their hands, to mop up any spills, and to wipe the dipped eggs. Hard boil six to one dozen eggs for each guest prior to your party. Set up cooling racks in the center of the work area to use as a place to dry the eggs. You’ll want to have art smocks or large, baggy t-shirts to protect the clothing of your youngest egg decorators. Each decorator will need something to hold their eggs as they dip them in the dye. You can fashion dippers out of craft wire by cutting a 12” piece of wire and bending a loop at the bottom large enough to hold an egg.

Egg Decorating ideas

Bold Stripes from Family Circle. Select washi tape that is approximately 1/4 inch wide. Wrap the tape lengthwise around the egg and cut to fit, creating 12 stripes. Rub tape down to push out any air bubbles. Use the same color tape for stripes or alternate complementary hues.

Rubber Band Eggs – Place egg in the very lightest dye (let’s say pale pink) for just a touch of color. Dry them and wrap several rubber bands around the egg, but leave plenty of pale pink spaces in between. Dye in medium color dye (such as hot pink, or magenta). Dry again and remove rubberbands. Dry again and wrap several rubber bands around egg, but not where the magenta is. Again, leave some pale pink stripes. Place in darker dye, like red or purple. Dry. Remove rubberbands, and you should have a beautiful tri-colored egg.

Martha Stewart gives Easter eggs a charming vintage look with this simple decorating technique using tissue paper silhouettes.

The Sweetest Occasion shows you how to make love eggs. Using masking tape and scissors, cut out one heart per egg. Apply the hearts to the eggs and smooth the edges firmly and carefully, to ensure that no dye seeps underneath.

For an Easter decoration you can use year after year, have kids cut flowers from paper napkins and découpage them onto eggs. Instructions from Parents Magazine, you’ll need: Floral paper napkins, scissors, foam brush, Elmer’s glue, blown-out or styrofoam eggs, small roll of tape.

You’ll need to provide your decorators with a container for bringing home their creations. It could be as simple as an egg carton, or more festive like a pastel colored basket that’s been filled with Easter grass.


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