Can Your Kids Take a Vacation from Electronics?

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Whether you are escaping the cold during February break or sticking around home, think about alternatives to electronics for the kiddos. Phones, ipads, and laptops are now just a natural extension of our kids and an obvious for packing for any trip, plane or car ride. What about good old fashioned reading? There is something to be said about sitting down in your favorite spot with a good book. And our kids are losing that habit. PLUS, once the kids are engrossed in a good book – you can be free to do the same.

Consider checking out your local library and asking for book suggestions for your child’s reading level and interests. The children programs at your library are a wonderful and inexpensive way to keep kids engaged if you’re staying home. I know a couple hours at the library have saved my sanity many times.rp_mom-and-son-reading-150x150.jpg

Read some of your favorite childhood books with your kids; consider reading the book before watching the movie. This can lead to interesting discussions (yes! actual face-to-face conversations) on similarities and differences and you may be pleased to find your kids prefer the books to the movie.

For more book options, check this link for the latest 2016 award winning children’s books and authors. The best way to instill a love of reading in your kids is to lead by example so don’t forget to check out some books for yourself.

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