Barefoot Beach Bootcamp

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If you’re heading to the shore or going somewhere tropical, try this beach specific workout for a change of pace. No shoes required. Use the soft sand and different water depths for added resistance.


Warmup: 3-5 minutes brisk walking in soft sand (soft enough that your feet sink)

Walking Lunges, hands overhead, in knee-deep water

16 Split Jumps in thigh – waist deep water

Repeat both

15 pushups (sand)

30-45” Right Side Plank in calf deep water (ie parallel to shoreline so waves hit your back –don’t let them push you over!)

Repeat both this time left side plank

2X Sand Sprints (start on your stomach, jump up and SPRINT as fast as you can 25 feet and army crawl back (forearms and inside of knees/thighs – hips and chest stay low to ground like you’re going under a very low, very electric wire)

15 Squats; hold 15 counts

30” Side Shuffle 4 Right, 4 Left in calf deep water

10 Burpees with a pushup (sand)

10 Jacks in shoulder deep water (arms only go up to shoulder height)

Repeat all

2x Sand Sprints

15 Single Leg Squats in calf deep water (keep free foot OUT of water)

30” High knees in calf deep water – lift feet out of water

Repeat both with other leg

20 Plank Jacks – hands on shore, waist below water

10 Tuck Jumps in thigh-waist deep water (Wrap hands around both knees as you bring them to your chest)

25 Decline Crunch on shore (head closer to water, feet higher up this uses gravity to make it harder)

25 Incline Lower Abs – lift hips off the ground (head away from water, feet closer to water) – more advanced- drop straight legs into deeper water and lift them with abs against the resistance of the water

25 Bicycle Abs

1 Front Plank

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