A Family Checklist to Make the Most of Winter

Winter requires a little more creativity than summer. You can’t simply run outside and play with your kids. Making a list as a family of things you want to accomplish/experience before the spring can help get the ideas rolling to fill these short, cold days. As an example, here is my family’s list. Hang it somewhere prominent and check as you go! Hello winter fun!

___ Make a snow family.

___ Go ice skating.

___ Have a chili cook-off.

___ Have a 24 hour pajama day.

___ Make s’mores outside.

___ Make ice cream out of snow.

___ Ski from the top of a mountain, any mountain.

___ Read the same book — all of us.

___ Watch It’s a Wonderful Life

___ Invent a new hot chocolate flavor.

___ Go to an indoor water park.

___ Run barefoot in the snow. (Clearly this wasn’t one of mine.)

___ Learn a song on the piano or guitar.

___ Start a journal.

___ Bake cookies for all our neighbors for no reason.

___ Repaint a room. Everyone has to help.

___ Have a Spit (it’s a card game) tournament.

___ Learn how to play chess.

___ Have 5 movie nights. Each person gets one night to pick the movie, the dinner and the snacks. No one else complains.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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