8 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Zoom Meaningful & Fun

Many of us have decided to forego the traditional family Thanksgiving for a virtual one. And although it’s not the same as being in person, zoom sure beats a phone call. There’s something so different about seeing my family’s faces and their homes while we talk. It took awhile to show my mom and dad how to do this, but once we did, they agreed.

Here are some ideas to make your Thanksgiving zoom fun and meaningful:

    1. A gratitude bowl. You can still take turns sharing something your grateful for. Have family plan ahead what they’re going to say to keep the flow.
    2. Keep it fun and light. If you and your family are the type to get emotional abuout being apart, do something to keep it light. Suggest that everyone wear a silly hat!

      This year, I sent silly hats to everyone in my family for our zoom call.

    3. Let the kids take over. If you have little ones, have them sing a song or tell a knock knock joke.
    4. Cook together. You can still cook together even though miles separate you. Prop your phone up in the kitchen as you prepare.
    5. Play a Game. You can only talk for so long. When the conversation his a lull, play a game. Here are a few good ones: ScattergoriesPictionary, Outburst or Bingo. For an adult crowd, play Drawing Without Dignity
    6. Two Truths and a Lie. One of our favorites with family is Two Truths and a Lie: You reveal 2 true things about yourself and 1 lie. Everything has to guess which is the lie. We’ve learned A LOT about eachother playing this.
    7. Dress Up. I know one of the benefits of not having people in is that you can slack off and spend the day in pjs, but it will feel closer to a real Thanksgiving if you take it upo a notch: brush that hair, put on some mascara and throw something nice on that you usually would wear for the holidays.
    8. Conversation Starters. If you need some help starting conversation, have a pack of Table Topics cards handy.

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Author: Heather Zachariah

Former Art Director for Home Magazine, Heather Leahy Zachariah, left her career in publishing after baby number number one. She now works from home as a freelance graphic designer and a chauffeur to her 3 busy kids. "Working on TipsFromTown has been a wonderful outlet for me. It renewed my love of publishing where I can design colorful, enticing pages online and allows me to share the things I love about being a mom." Heather grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a place that still is near and dear to her. " After living in Brooklyn for 18 years and studying Graphic Design at Pratt Institute, she now lives in the Jersey burbs. "I love living so close to NYC, but in my heart, I'm an Ohio girl."


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