Curried Vegan Eggplant with Fresh Ginger & Cilantro

Also Read: Why Your Should Eat More Eggplant  I love sharing my dear friend, Dr. Reshma Shah’s recipes. She truly has a gift for putting simnple ingredients together to create amazing flavors in vegan dishes. As our family strives to eat less meat in 2020, I find myself cojming back to her website for inspiration and advice. […]

Why is Turmeric So Good for You?

You will be surprised at how many health benefits it can provide.

Why I Add Turmeric to My Coffee

Turmeric has been touted for having lots of health benefits, among them it’s known as an anti-inflammatory. Besides obvious benefits it might have for diseases that we immediately associate with inflammation like arthritis, studies show it to be useful in treating chronic inflammation that is linked to auto-immune diseases and everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, fatigue, high cholesterol and […]

Vegetarian Creamy, Buttery Dal Makhani

This recipe comes from and is a popular dish that’s cooked during Diwali and originates from the Punjab region. Dal refers to lentils and makhan refers to butter. Dal makhani means lentils cooked with butter. It is cooked slowly creating a thick, creamy, buttery dish. You can serve it basmati rice or naan with some onion and cucumber wedges. It takes […]

Healthy Hot Chocolate

This is a great alternative to a fully loaded sugar hot chocolate that you are used to. Awesome health benefits to boot. Another healthy recipe from Danette May’s cookbook.

Lamb Biryani with Saffron, Ginger and Chili

When my husband’s family gets together, his mom, aunts and grandmother always make biryani. It’s a comforting, aromatic rice dish, in this case, with tender lamb that isn’t spicy like many other Indian dishes. I love that...

Are You Hungry?

Do you ever wonder why some days you are starving and others you're not?


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