Should You Take Sleeping Pills on a Plane?

Will it work, and is it worth it?

Pets: In or Out of the “Family” Bed?

There are obviously two sides to every story – and this one gets a lot of heat from both sides. Some people are so in love with their pets that they dress them up in daily outfits, take them to Pet Spas, Portrait Studios and even therapists.Then, there are those that treat their pets as animals […]

Xanax — the new mother’s little helper

This article is copied from my site, YesFive. If you were kind enough to read it there, don't bother reading it here. It's an important topic, but it's not good enough to read twice. -- Karen

Mother’s little helper? Obviously, as Ms. Houston’s daughter can attest, not always. Sometimes it is mother’s little destructor. In the sixties,