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Have you received your Spring 2016 Adult School Course Catalog? Ours just arrived in today’s mail, and it’s exciting to see how many classes they are offering.

The table of contents lists 27 course categories with over 300 classes to choose from. They cover everything from Arts & Culture to organized Trips & Tours.

Perhaps you’d like to brush up on your social media skills, speak a second language, learn to dance or play the piano; or need help with finances, career, or retirement planning.  If so, there’s a course designed for you. I dare you not to find something that is worthwhile.

Founded in 1937, The Adult School is a private non-profit organization providing adults with a variety of diverse and affordable classes, most of which take place in Madison, Chatham Borough, Chatham Township, or Florham Park.  All costs for the program are financed solely with tuition fees and donations; therefore, donations are graciously accepted.

Some of the courses start as early as March 1, 2016. Registration has already begun and can be submitted online at
In addition, the registration form found in the 2016 Spring catalog can be completed and sent by mail to The Adult School in Madison.
You may also register in person or by phone.
The office is located at the Madison Civic Center, 28 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor, Madison.  They can be reached by calling 973-443-9222.

In addition:

  • If one on one instruction is needed, contact the Adult School directly
  • Gift Certificates are available for purchase
  • On line courses are offered, to register visit




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