raising teens

The “C” Word!

A high school senior identifies the problems and suggests solutions for the stress associated with the college process.

Skin Care For Your Preteen

Some days, it is all I can do to not chase them around the house with an anti-acne cleanser, an exfoliator and some Clearasil.

The Best Tip for Parenting a Teen

Sometimes the best advice is the most obvious.

Self-Esteem for your Tween

Building self-esteem is a goal of every parent, especially those with a daughter on the brink of becoming a teen. Learn 5 simple ways you can help promote your child's sense of self.

I Would Never Want to Be a Kid Today

The only thing worse than having to repeat my teenage years, would be to have to repeat them on display for literally, the world to see.

Shopping For a Tomboy

I have a tomboy. When she gets older, she says she wants to open a clothing store for girls like her who don't like bows and glitter and hearts and frill. In the meantime, we moms of tomboys are left to scour for something she will wear and we can live with.

CP and Honors and AP, Oh My!

Advice from an upperclassman ... there is no substitute for perspective.

Even God Rested on Sunday

What high schoolers really think about homework on the weekends!

Assessing Risk in Your Spring-STRESSED Teen

Suicide increases in the Spring. If you are the parent of a teenager, this probably doesn't surprise you.

Eating Disorders 101

The down and dirty on this group of diseases affecting millions of Americans.


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