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Don’t Let the Holiday Stress Get You!

Here are some tried and true ways to avoid it.

Blessed to be Stressed!

This week, most of my friends have agreed that we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off to create the “magic” of Christmas. In fact, Karen and I have been saying, “We just need to get to the 26th and then we can relax.” I’m sure the big man in red feels […]

The Word of the Season is …

Need some help getting through the next couple weeks? Try this.

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Gift Giving Season!

The holidays are upon me, and while deep down I know there is time, my heart is starting to race. Anxiety is setting in. Friends who are “done with their shopping” and Christmas cards already arriving are stressing me out. However! There is a however! I am determined to enjoy the holidays as much as I can, and […]

5 Tips to Actually Enjoy Your Holiday Season

The holidays should present a wonderful reason to spend time with family, reflect on the year, sing carols and relish in the joy of the season. For many parents though, the holidays have become a time of stress and frustration. On top of already incredibly busy lives, we add the pressure of making a magical, […]

Westfield Students To Take The Stage In A Christmas Carol!

Friday, December 2nd at 8:00pm  •  Saturday, December 3rd at 2:00pm & 8:00pm Sunday, December 4th at 3:00pm What better way to put you in the holiday spirit than the Charles Dickens’s classic, A Christmas Carol, that is featuring local student actors from right here in Westfield! The New Jersey Youth Theatre, in association with […]

Christmas 2015: A Letter to Myself

I just put away all my Christmas decorations. I’ll be sweeping up pine needles for months and the last thing I want to think about is next Christmas. But … I’m going to force myself to spend fifteen minutes planning for next year. This past December, the holiday felt like a full time job, for […]

TIP: Leave Yourself a Note After Thanksgiving

Your future self will thank you ... I promise!

How to Have a Happy Healthy Holiday

You simply do NOT have time to get sick right now. Here's how to feel better and stay well.