Fat loss

Take Your Resolutions from a Crapshoot to a Sure Thing

I've got 5 tips to make sure those resolutions stick this year.

3 Tips to Losing Fat

The basics of weight loss can equate to expending or using up more calories than you consume on average. When people talk about weight loss they really are implying FAT LOSS. I don’t know of many people eager to decrease their muscle mass (especially since your muscle is your metabolic furnace). So let’s crunch some numbers to really understand how to achieve effective, […]

3 Steps to a Healthier YOU in the New Year

Just 3 easy steps to a healthier you. Impossible NOT to do!

Weight Loss in 3 Steps

Successful weight loss really comes down to these three factors.

Are Resolutions Bad for Us?

Could New Year's Resolutions be Bad for Us? My thoughts and a few realistic suggestions.

The Two Silent Causes of Weight Gain

You exercise regularly and eat well but can't seem to drop those extra pounds, could it be due to these two other factors?

Do This VS That

Sometimes just simple changes in your nutritional habits can have profound (and lasting) effects.

Is it Possible to Battle the Age – Related Bulge?

There's hope for us! We CAN fight the battle of the bulge due to aging with this key habit.

Fat Loss by the Numbers

Successful weight loss tips for number crunchers.

Adipocytes (Fat Cells) at a Glance

Give your kids a fighting chance against obesity by arming yourself with this knowledge.


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