Enjoy BBQ Season Without the Guilt

Who does't love a summer BBQ? I have some tips to help you enjoy the grill guilt-free.

Watermelon Lemonade (spiked or not)

A staple cocktail both with or without gin or vodka this summer in my house.  Watermelon is at it’s peak, and what makes better sense to quench your thirst than lemonade?  Combine the two and you are set. My kids love it as well. They get...

“Healthy” Cocktails – Do They Exist?

With summer comes BBq's, grads, weddings and just more get togethers. This can also mean more alcohol consumption. Here are my tips to manage intake and keep the calories low without spoiling the fun.

5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

Instead of battling the bulge, why not prevent it altogether?

Basil-Booze Slush

Big basil fan?  Than this is your cocktail.  A refreshing icy treat is the result, when pureed along with the orange-honey undertones of Lillet, a bit of vodka, sugary simple syrup, lemon juice and ice.


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