Healthy Grilled-Fish Tacos with Buttery Avocados

What do you get when peppery radishes, crunchy cabbage, and buttery avocados are piled atop freshly grilled snapper, and then casually folded between a toasty tortilla? The ultimate fish taco. (Fish can also be grilled on outdoor grill, but be...

Crosshatch Hot Dogs on Grilled Croissants

A hot dog for grown-ups (and kids…)! Marinating the hot dogs and preparing the coleslaw overnight quickens the prep time while the crosshatch pattern on the dogs speeds up the cooking time. This sweet and savory recipe is just one more way to...

Far-East Chicken Salad

Crunchy, crisp and slightly nutty.  Difficult to not go back for seconds.  Feel free to substitute blanched, toasted almonds or a 1/4 cup of toasted sesame seeds for the cashews.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Rolls

St. Patrick’s Day all rolled into one. An inside-out sandwich incorporating all of the necessary ingredients to call it an Irish delight. See all of Our Favorite Recipes for St. Pat’s Day

Black & Tan Pork w/Spicy Ale Slaw

Add some pizzaz to your St. Patrick’s Day meal this year. The combination of exotic spices and the ever-traditional stout and ales from across the pond blend deliciously in this pork and slaw combo. Nix the boiled corned beef and cabbage...

Marinated Flank Steak w/Asian Slaw

This is one of the best flank steak recipes I have ever had. Great for your family or a crowd. The slaw makes it.

Cabbage & Corn Slaw w/Cilantro & Orange Dressing

Confetti colored coleslaw brightens up the picnic table, as well as accompanies any and all your favorite summer inspired grilled entrees. Crisp and fresh ingredients enhanced with tangy orange cilantro dressing make this slaw extra tasty.

Thai-ish Pork Burgers

What do you get when you mix Thai ingredients with ground pork?  Thai-Spiced Pork Burgers!  Whole Foods carries all of the ingredients for this dish.


The Today Show featured several Sochi inspired meals in February 2013 (yes, one year in advance) and this particular Borscht recipe is Olympic-Gold worthy. Everything but the kitchen sink seems to be thrown in this hearty version… thanks to...

Braised Red Cabbage & Apple

A traditional German accompaniment, gets a little lift with sweet apple chunks and cider. Red cabbage is rich in antioxidants, high in dietary fiber, and contains a wealth of important vitamins and minerals.


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