Operation Reassurance can save lives

Chatham Township


I just read about a free program offered by the Chatham Township Police Department that I believe is worth sharing. According to their website the program, referred to as Operation Reassurance, was implemented years ago.

In an effort for senior citizen and/or disabled residents to maintain their independence with daily check-ins, this program could be life saving. If you reside in Chatham Township and qualify, or have family, friends, or neighbors that you think might benefit from this, please encourage them to apply.

Individuals can fill out an application in person at the police department, or if unable to do so, applications can be dropped off at their home. Simply contact the police department at 973-377-0100 and let them know that you need an officer to deliver the form. They will also pick up upon completion. In addition, the application form is also available online.

Once participating in the program, each day between the hours of 7 to 10am, the individual places a call to a specific number and either leaves a message or speaks to a department representative to let them know that they are okay. If the call does not come through on any given day, the police department will attempt to contact the individual first by phone, and if unanswered, an officer will be dispatched to the home to check if help is needed.

What prompted my attention to this program was an article I read just the other day about a woman who benefited greatly from this service. When her call did not come in one day the police went to her home and found her to be in need of immediate medical care. She spent 31 days in hospital followed by rehabilitation and credits this service for saving her life.

Click here to find out more about Chatham Township’s Operation Reassurance.

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