Have you seen Marietta’s favorite farm stand?

farm stand

This is the only local stand I know of that still uses an old fashioned “honor system”.  Make sure you have singles and/or small bills, as there will not be anyone there to hand you change!  Simply a box with a slot to insert your payment.

There is a limited amount of items, usually only a few stands, sometimes just one.   But prices are really reasonable and it’s a quick grab and go.  Throughout the Summer I stopped weekly for my supply of garden tomatoes, and they were delicious.  In fact, I was able to get them up until about a week ago.  Oh how I’ll miss them!

With the change of seasons, you will now find plenty of pumpkins in all sizes.   And also reasonably priced.  Last week I bought 4 beautiful mums for only $5.50 a piece.  First time I’ve ever seen one mum in a 3 color flower combination.  So pretty!

It’s easy to pass right by, so keep your eyes peeled – traveling from Chatham to Livingston it is to the left of the Y traffic light intersection when you reach Parsonage Hill Road.

Just one of the little things that I enjoy based on it’s simplicity.  Maybe you’ll like it too.

farm stand 2

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