Gifts in a Jar


A gift jar is a creative and thoughtful way to show someone your appreciation. When you make a homemade thank-you gift jar, you give a personalized acknowledgment that truly shows how much you care. Because they are a gift from the heart, gift jars are the perfect way to say thank you to a friend, co-worker, girl friends, neighbors, teachers and family. The possibilities are endless, and remember they are a great starter to build a gift basket. For example, start with a jar of cookie mix, and add a kitchen towel, pot holder, and spatula, or homemade vanilla along with a batch of homemade cookies along with the recipe. Or just add a pretty ribbon and tag and you have a simple, stylish gift.

Housewarming Gift in a Jar ~ Anyone would love this simple yet thoughtful housewarming gift. Just fill a jar with a few of your favorite household items. This jar included things like a favorite soap, cleaning sponges, a dishtowel and more.

Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar ~ These colorful cupcakes in a jar are a fun treat for kids to create and eat. By using a 4 oz. mason jar you have cupcakes instead of cake! Mix up all of the batter and let them enjoy layering the colors.

Energy in a Jar ~ This jar is filled with goodies that will give you a little ‘pick me-up’ during the day. Customize them with your favorite snack bars, chocolates or hot cocoa packets.

Cowgirl Cookie Mix ~ Bakerella’s adorable cowgirl cookie mix is a perfect girly gift. They have even provided a free label to print. Not a cowgirl? Change the color to blue and you have cowboy cookies.

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Author: erinpruitt

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