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A few weeks ago students headed off to college and I posted an article on the Freshman 15. Now that kids have had time to (sort of) settle into their new routine, here are some cost-saving tips to avoid that college weight gain without breaking a student’s meager budget:

  1. Student Discount: – Almost all gyms and studios will offer a discounted membership or class package for college students. Usually they are advertised at the beginning of the school year but you can always ask. This Websit has information and access to all student discounts in your area. You can sign up for free and earn points towards free stuff, including gym memberships.
  2. Tour Your Local Gyms: – This may take a little leg work on your part but many gyms and studios will offer FREE trials if you ask. This can range from one class to a whole week of unlimited classes. Be warned: once they have your info, expect to be inundated by emails and calls asking you to join. Also, once you take part in the freebie, you can no longer get another free session at the same, health exercise, gym, college, budget
  3. The Drop-In Option – Many places offer Drop- in classes – no membership required. You can take one class whenever you want for a small fee (usually $15- $25 per class). For a cheaper rate these places may also offer packages or punch cards (pay for a certain number of classes up front with an extended period of time to use them). Also look into your local recreation programs for different fitness classes offered at your college, surrounding public schools or community centers.
  4. Stay Local: All colleges have some form of fitness facility and/or rec center and offer discounted rates for their students. There may be discounted fitness classes for students or you can join an intramural, health exercise, gym, college, budget
  5. Go Online: You can find an infinite number of free workouts online. These range the gamut from yoga and pilates to HIIT to cardio and dance. Again, be warned, ANYONE can post a video – that doesn’t mean they are good or even know what they are teachingfitness, health exercise, gym, college, budget
  6. Bring Fitness to You: You can rent fitness DVDs at your local library or try using a fitness app like PT in My Pocket and do your workouts in your dorm. There are many body weight workouts that require no equipment, however, if you invest in a few key pieces like some dumbbells, or dynabands, you can get a great workout.
  7. Hire a Pro: This may sound lavish at first but if you hired a certified Personal Trainer or to teach you and a group of your friends, you would be dividing up that cost. Trainers have an added advantage as they can be creative and work with the space and equipment available and teach to each individual’s needs and abilities. A good trainer will also be able to assist you in, health exercise, gym, college, budget
  8. Go Outdoors: It’s completely free and accessible, especially on a campus. Running, walking, biking or doing circuits with benches and stairs are all right there for you. Grab a friend or two to join you and now you have an accountability partner to keep you on task as, health, exercise, college, student, budget, classes


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