Fairy Tales… A Must For Camp (Especially Sleep-Away!)

Knock on wood that your kids never come home with lice.  From what I hear, treating it and trying to get it out of your kids hair and your house is enough to drive the most laid back person totally insane. If you haven’t already heard of Fairy Tales hair care products, trust me, they will be your new best friends. The Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Hair Products are all natural, organic, safe to use everyday, and have been shown to prevent head lice. These products are made from a  unique blend of pure rosemary, citronella, oils, lavendar, and tea tree extracts that act as a natural deterrent to lice and other insects. My favorites are the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-in Spray.  Not only do they smell great, they will leave your children’s hair soft and shiny and most important of all… lice free. Spray your kids as well as all their gear as they leave for camp each morning. For those kids venturing to sleep-away camp, make sure you send them off with a bottle the shampoo as well as the spray and have them spray their pillows everyday! Also tell them to never share a comb or hair brush while at camp. If the girls are all doing each others hair, make sure they use their own brushes.

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Author: karinstephan

Fashion Editor -- Karin has a passion for helping you look and feel better!


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