Cocktails: The Black & Tan

Apparently, this drink gets it’s name from the colors of the uniforms worn by the British police who fought the Irish Republican Army in the early ’20′s.  Not the greatest of memories for the Irish, they respectfully refer to the drink as a “Half-and-Half.”  A patient pour will guarantee distinct layers.

SIZE: serves 1

Harp (or your favorite pale ale)
Guinness (or your favorite stout)

DIRECTIONS: Serve in a pint glass.  Fill pint glass halfway with the pale ale, tilting glass on it’s side as to prevent a big head from forming.  Once the ale has settled, pour the stout slowly over the back of a spoon, which helps to keep a head from forming, as well as create distinct layers.

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Author: Emily Sarah Downs

Cuisine Coordinator, Tips From Town, Ridgewood, NJ


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