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If you need an instant book collection to fill a room, you could spend time getting cheap books at estate sales and garage sales. But you would have to find the sales, and go through a lot of books to find good ones. Another way to do it is to go through The Strand one of New York City’s oldest book stores.

If you are looking to have a library created just for you, The Strand can assemble a great book collection for you that will satisfy and please the eye. They can supply books on any subject, including art, biography, literature, New York, history, music, film, etc. They have put together libraries for thousands of clients including the Waldorf-Astoria, Steven Spielberg and Ralph Lauren Polo.

Prices range from $10 to $500 per foot. You can choose from:

English Language Antique Leather Books $500.00 per foot

Beautiful antique leather books with gold tooling and marbled or gilded edges. These books are from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century and represent a variety of subjects such as history, literature and poetry.

Foreign Language Antique Leather (Rustic Finish) $150.00 per foot

Antique leather bound books in used condition, dating from the 19th to early 20th century. Books are in sound condition and may be missing spine labels or have repaired hinges.

New Leather Classics $300.00 per foot

Reprints of all the great classics of literature and history in beautiful full leather with gold tooling and gilded paper. These titles published by the Franklin Library and Easton Press make beautiful gifts that will be treasured always; keep them and they will be cherished books to pass on to future generations.

Art Books (Oversize Coffee Table Books) $250.00 per foot

Add some art and culture to your library with a customized collection of over-sized, hardcover art books featuring beautiful color or black & white images. Choose between Fashion, Artist Monographs, Photography, Architecture, Design, Contemporary Art, Art By Region, or do a mix of them all!

Final Sale Art Books $95.00 per foot

Hardcover art books from our final sale section in good, clean condition. Books are gently used and represent a variety of colors and subjects.

Heritage Classics $150.00 per foot

Classic titles from the Heritage Classics series include works from the greats of literature, history and philosophy. Authors can include Dickens, Twain, Shakespeare, etc. The books are lovely linen bound volumes, finely illustrated and often in their original slip case.

Choose Your Subject (Trade-Sized) $125.00 per foot

Customize your library with a mix of trade-sized books on all of your favorite subjects. We have an incredible array of categories to choose from such as travel, history, film and drama, sports, gardening books, oceans, natural history, etc. These books are primarily textual books with little to no photography.

Choose Your Subject (Over-sized Coffee Table Books) $175.00 per foot

Customize your library with a mix of over-sized, hardcover coffee table books on your favorite topics. We have a great assortment of categories to choose from including travel, history, film and drama, sports, film & drama, cookbooks, gardening books, oceans, natural history, etc. These books are primarily visual in nature with color or black and white photography.

Biographies $125.00 per foot

A fabulous assortment of hardcover books on the lives of important figures throughout history. Read about the lives of great artists, writers, musicians, presidents, generals, or any person who catches your interest!

Cookbooks $125.00 per foot

Whip up a batch of culinary delights after getting a collection of our trade-sized, hardcover cookbooks. You’ll get a great assortment of recipe books and food writing to add to your pantry library!

Classics for Children $85.00 per foot

Build a library collection to share with your children! We’ll customize a collection of all of the beloved books of youth to inspire and grow their budding young minds! Books are hardcover and can be customized for a boy’s or a girl’s collection.

Leather Looking $60.00 per foot

Oversized and medium-sized hardcover books in decorative faux leather bindings. Books are gently used and represent a variety of subjects, including encyclopedias and law books.

Bargain Books $30.00 per foot

Hardcover clearance books in good, clean condition. You may specify color (such as red, blue, white, black, brown, green, etc) according to availability and we choose subjects. Please note, all bargain books are final sale.

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