Beauty Spring Cleaning… What Is Your Makeup’s Shelf Life?

How do you know when it’s time to dig through that makeup drawer and throw out old makeup? As the weather gets warmer I got to thinking that it’s time to do a little spring cleaning. A good rule of thumb as you look through your makeup drawer/bag is, if you can’t remember when you bought a product, it belongs in the trash. I know I have some eye shadows that will probably last longer than I will, but that doesn’t mean we should still be using them. Treat your makeup like fashion… constantly updating and evolving… but that’s not to say you can’t hold on to your favorite classics, just keep replenishing them. Mascara is the product you are going to have to replace the most. It should only be used for 2-3 months, but don’t worry, you’re not going to go blind if you push it to 4.  Beauty tip: Pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube can dry it out quicker. All that extra air not only has a drying effect; it can also introduce unwanted bacteria. Most powder makeup (eye shadow, blush, bronzer, powder) has a shelf life for about 12-24 months, as long as you are cleaning your brushes regularly. Wash your brushes once a month with a brush cleaner for sanitary reasons, to keep the brush’s shape and to avoid breakage of the hairs. Cream based makeup (concealor, foundation, cream and gel cleansers) will not last as long as powders and should only be used for 12 months. Pencil liners and lip liners will be ok up to 3 years, and lipstick from 12-24 months, but as soon as it starts to smell, chuck it, it’s time has passed.

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Author: karinstephan

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