14 Tips for Being a Good Guest

Spending Thanksgiving with friends or relatives? Here are a few things to remember…so they invite you back.

  1. Arrive when you say you will arrive. Don’t show up earlier. 
  2. Bring a gift to say “thank you” when you arrive.
  3. Remember that your hostess is not a tour guide or babysitter. If you want to see the local attractions, your hostess has probably seen them all. Plan the outings on your own and take the kids with you.
  4. Conserve linens and towels. A good host will provide you with a towel or two. If you think you’ll need more towels, pack a towel of your own so you can have what you need.

  5. Lend a hand where necessary. Ask if he or she needs a hand in the kitchen. Volunteer to take the dog for a walk or go on a beer or grocery run. Let your guests know that you’re happy to help out where you can. 
  6. Keep your guest area neat. Make your bed before appearing for breakfast. Keep your suitcase and belongings as unobtrusive as possible. Keep tabs on your stuff. Put your clothes away, hang up your towel. Take your toiletries into the bathroom when you need them and bring them back to your room afterward. If your kids aren’t old enough to pick up their belongings, do it for them daily.
  7. Take care of little chores, like washing the few dishes in the sink or emptying an overflowing trashcan, when your hostess isn’t around.
  8. Treat the hosts to a nice meal. Prepare your a dish ahead of time and bring it. Or treat them to a nice meal at a local restaurant. 
  9. Be good company. Switch off the mobile phone and log off of email. Skip complaints and get into the swing of things, be it vibrant dinner conversation or adventurous activities.
  10. Remember that this isn’t your home, it is someone else’s home.
  11. Always offer to help at mealtimes. There is nothing more annoying than having guests who sit around waiting expectantly for all meals.
  12. Offer to make $ contributions. 
  13. Be appreciative. Show appreciation for the local food, sightseeing, and other attractions. Do not criticize or compare anything in a superior way to how things are done where you live. 
  14. Strip your bed upon departure.
  15. Send a thank-you note. Express gratitude. 
  16. Reciprocate. Invite your hosts to stay with you next time they’re in town. 


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Author: erinpruitt

I believe the best stuff is passed along. I will be sharing insider "tips" for your home, and fun ideas for your free time.