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25+ Things to Do on a Snowy Day

Ok, so it’s March and we thought we were in the clear but here are with another snow day. So much for getting anything acommplished! Here are 25 things you can do–with or without the kids–today. 1. Get Unplugged! Pull out one of the dozens of games gathering dust in your closet. 2. Plan your Next […]

20+ Things to Do on a Snow Day

Even though we just came back from vacation…I sort of need a vacation…from my vacation. The holidays are exhausting. We all settled in to an unhealthy routine of staying up late and sleeping in. My body (and my children’s bodies) have not adjusted so I am rather thankful for another day to sleep past 7am! […]

10 Ways To Kill Time on a Snow Day

Make the most of a surprise day off.

Snow Day Fun

We woke up this morning to snow and a day off from school. The question now? How do we spend the day? It doesn’t have that survival feel I was emotionally prepping for, so I guess we need to get busy. I surveyed the family, and here’s what’s on our list: 1. Do a jigsaw puzzle. You […]

Snow Day Boredom Busters

It’s wise to have a bunch of indoor activities ready for kids when an arctic blast keeps you and your energizer bunnies housebound.

Sledding Warning

Over 20,000 children are injured sledding each year. This is a big number considering the few days of the year sledding is even an option.


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