Need to De-stress, it’s Time for The Fountain Spa


A group of friends went golfing and  there was a discussion about how tight and stiff their upper backs were. Someone said it was from stress and someone else said it was because they were using new muscles.  We all decided, massages could be the answer.  When I decided to do my homework on a good spa for men and women in the area,  I remembered  The Fountain Spa, I love their tag-line “the Resort Spa Experience Close to Home”.  Doesn’t that sound like vacation already. 

The Fountain Spa is a place for men and women, teens too.  There are two locations, the one I have been to is at 1100 Route 17 North (at Frankline Turnpike) in Ramsey (201-327-5155), there is also one at The Shops of Riverside in Hackensack.  Lovely to walk into, give yourself plenty of time to relax before hand. They will host group events, bridal activities,  and all different types of wellness massages, prenatal massages, med-spa, body treatments, teen spa, massages, hair removal, airbrush tanning and so much more.

My favorite tip is if you are a Quest Physical Therapy patient or a New York Sports Club member, present your membership card and you can obtain a discount Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday on Massages, Body Treatments or Facials.   When your treatment is over you are brought to a lovely room to relax and enjoy a beverage or the Spa Cuisine Meal (which can be added to your day for just $12). It is the ultimate feeling of relaxation and tranquility that will take all the stress away for the day.


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