Foods that Fight Stress


Recently I had a moment where the TV was on and it happen to be The Dr. Oz show with the subject matter “STRESS”. I happened to be cleaning up paints smeared into my sofa and carpeting by my little one, trying to get her fed and ready to head out for nursery school.  You know how it is and can you imagine my mood? We all know things will happen and you have to let it go,  but there can be a form of  stress that can still make an appearance in many different circumstances. I decided to follow-up on this show and went online and found this great article on Doctor Oz’s website about Stress Busting Foods.   I like this article as it explains the value of these nutrients if you add them to your daily diet, how they help lower stress, create calmness and maintain energy.  Check out this list as there might be a favorite you will want add to your regular diet:  Avocados (loaded with Vitamin B); Mixed Nuts (walnuts, brazil, almonds, pistachios); asparagus (folic acid); Spinach (magnesium); Whole Wheat Pasta (Carbohydrates); Fish – Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Salmon, Trout) protects heart from surges in stress hormones; Vitamin C; Warm Milk.  So besides taking deep breaths or taking a walk to calm down, these calming  foods are nice bonus when  you have that stressful moment!


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